You think you’re free
31 May 2024

You think you are free? You think your opinions matter in the world we live in? You aren’t and they don’t. The food you eat, the bed you sleep on, the very thing that keeps you in touch with your loved ones, everything you care about - it is political. The realisation that every penny we spend and every hour we work is making money for the same handful of assholes.

You’d think genocide wouldn’t be controversial. You’d think that “genocide / occupation = bad” and “international agreements to safeguard the jewish community = good”, but that is no longer the case.

I don’t know where it all went wrong. Maybe the apple just doesn’t fall far from the tree and Israel is simply the product of another colonial baby financial superpower that doesn’t like facing its own history.

What I know is that the world’s major countries can’t condemn genocide, bombing hospitals or letting thousands of children go hungry. Even if their communities disagree. And that’s exactly what the problem is: if people don’t care and that’s reflected in their governments, fine - democracy. But in this case, lots of people can’t avoid but to care. Yet nothing happens.

Because, truth is, everything you care about only matters if it helps keeping things exactly the way they are. And while you could or couldn’t care about Palestine, you should definitely care about the weird ass democracies we live in. 

Children die, people know that, yet our governments aren’t doing anything to stop it.

What dystopia is this?

Anyone who wants to strike for Palestine, let me know. I’m sure my copywriting skills would transfer well to post apocalyptic propaganda.

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