Tony’s got Eyes Too
5 March 2019

Don’t let the Asics trainers and technical pullovers fool you (despite the fact that all these items can nowadays be found in the Sporty Grandpa section of Urban Outfitters), Tony’s got eyes too. When you pin an idea to the board in a halfway readable and understandable way, Tony’s brain will be bothered to look at it. It’s a stupidly instinctive thing. Our brains like beautifully readable shit. Similarly, when you almost tear apart you partner’s flat to make a film that halfway looks like nineteen-hundreds comedy, trying to fulfil your heart’s black and white desires, the TonTon (nickname earned as he too guides you confusingly, making you feel mostly lost) will irrationally find it prettier. And it doesn’t only work for people with the patience of a ticking bomb, such as myself. Brains are lazy, they don’t like to spot microscopic endlines in the mess. Production values, because humans got eyes. For more info read “Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me A Production Team”. May a calorie burn in hell, just keep scrolling.

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