The Thrill Of Being 12 / Robin Hood
10 April 2019

Today I shoplifted. Maybe it was the free booze from the agency that gave me the balls or seeking the thrill of feeling 12 and rebellious again, but I took a bracelet from a high street store. Do you judge me? Wait until the end of the story. In my defence, I really liked the bracelet. Also, it was £7. A whole £7. So I took it, because its label (and the imaginary security tag) came off pretty easily. Then I started feeling guilty. Because, you know, I believe in Karma. And just today we solved a brief with superstition. So I decided to alleviate the guilt by giving £5 to a homeless guy in the street and £4 to a charity (Mind, because the whole logic behind this felt like it had shades of insanity anyway). You know when you buy stuff and feel okay about it because “It’s for a good cause”? Well, I created the good cause. Am I some sort of overcomplicated Robin Hood? Or just a 22 years old bracelet thief? Discuss.

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