1. Anxiety Cake

A cake made of gum, cigarettes and cardboard that appeared to me in a dream. It serves no purpose but it does get a lot of likes on Depop.

2. Pray for a Vaccine Votive Candle

During the lockdown while everyone was finishing Netflix I was praying that someone somewhere would find a vaccine, so I abused my Catholic uprbringing to create blasphemic prayer candles that show Sarah Gilbert (the scientist that created the Oxford Vaccine).

Quick note: I discovered Sarah before she was honoured by the Queen and turned into a Barbie (to see what I’m talking about click here). I did it first.

Buy one on Etsy here.

3. Gore Valentine

Dark Vday Cards. Pretty self explanatory.

Buy one on Etsy here.

4. Quotes From Yours Truly

Copy led art project.

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Better handle name suggestions welcome.
I’m a decent writer (being modest) but I’m terrible at names.

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