Haven’t written crap like this in a while. As you can tell by the previous sets of words put together (calling them blogposts seem like a bit of an overstatement), my relationship with a boy was a little too dysfunctional and came to an end. Sorry, I know this is personal life but unfortunately that bit of my brain seems to be too close to the rest to separate things. No, I do not store that stuff in my heart. I just use it to pump the kimchee ramen and Nature Valley bars through my veins. That breakup led to my homelessness and my Mum complimenting me on how cold I am.

So, here is a pearl of wisdom. Sometimes you work with people, and it feels like you’ve grown an extra limb and you are not sure how to control, so you just keep knocking stuff off tables and chairs and stumble into backpacks.

Nobody Likes A Footer ︎