Connected Underwear
Deutsche Telekom

At the dawn of 2019, milllenials seemed to have quite an unusual problem...

And because Deutsche Telekom are hopeless romantics they decided to do something about the issue and make sure that people could balance the time they spend on their phones and with their partners... and created something even weirder than the problem itself. Watch the video to find out. A hint: it’s underwear that blocks your partner’s phone (there’s a consent clause obviously).


Weird, right? We got the news and influencers talking about it and we also created phone Chastity Belts for Valentine’s Day to ensure people would take time off their screens... The first batch of pants sold out in less than 24 hours, we expanded to four other markets and we even made it into the German Museum of Technology in Berlin.

Directed by the lovely Christ Boyle at Private Island.

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