Boy Manifesto
4 December 2018

I like boys. Probably because I’m a straight girl. But that’s what boys and girls are for: reproduction. I’m into black more than pink. I also like skirts. Because I would probably add myself to a Pinterest board wearing a skirt rather than jeans. I like having long hair, but that probably goes back to the reproduction thing. Sex is good and fun and a big part of life. But creativity? There are no boys or no girls in creativity. I am creative by turning my individuality off and on again over and over. I think of myself as someone else then go back to me to comment on what I’ve found during my “research”.

Tony said the boys are more creative. I don’t think that’s true, but there are a lot of people like Tony, and you have to swim through life until there aren’t anymore. And then we’ll either all wear whatever the fu*k we want or live in separated world like in Gazorpazorp. I like boys though, and I want to be a boy. The word “boy” has potential in it. You’ll grow to be a man. And I do want to be a man. I’ve got the brains and balls to be a man and so do a lot of other people I know who happen to have boobs attached to their chests. You know why boys are more creative? It’s a confidence thing. Because boys will be boys; you are told that you have this thing attached to you in between your legs and you’ve gotta live up to it. And girls are called girls which is a horrible word. Terrifying. I never heard a boy being told to improve himself. Boys will be boys. I want to be a boy. But also a girl, because girls have bigger balls (society just happened to name them breasts). Boys should be more ballsy and the word girl shouldn’t exist. You are not doing your side of humanity a favour by saying such crap. Good thing this makes me angry. Read my post on anger power. Up there. 

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