23 May 2018

I've been very space obsessed lately, watching physics documentaries and so on.

My boyfriend observes me, confused. Neil deGrasse Tyson went on to the whole "are we alone in the galaxy" bit, in other words, aliens. He said that NASA is trying to communicate to "aliens" via radio signals in English. How ridiculous is that?

We can barely communicate to tourists asking them to stand on the left side on the escalators, how do they expect to talk to aliens in English? We can't speak to our dogs, that are about the same size as we are. We absolutely can't communicate with ants, that are not only visible to us but also made of the same "ingredients" as us (biochemistry and shit). Do you even think ants notice we are alive? What if the weather is alive and we simply have no idea because of our confusing perspective? How do these geniuses expect to talk to gas giants that are threethousand times our size and float around planets or teeny-weeny bacteria made of completely different chemicals?

Through radio signals in English, obviously.

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